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First of all, there are no ADA inspectors who make random visits to see whether facilities are accessible, although some state agencies may do that for entities they fund or oversee.

Thus, in most cases, ADA standards aren’t brought into play until someone challenges a business, agency, or institution in the courts.

Unlike section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which only covers programs receiving Federal financial assistance, title II extends to all the activities of State and local governments whether or not they receive Federal funds.

All activities, services, and programs of public entities are covered, including activities of State legislatures and courts, town meetings, police and fire departments, motor vehicle licensing, and employment.

Where there are laws, they must be enforced in order to have any effect.

In the United States, the law essentially covers what is required for accessibility, but it’s not always enforced.

Are required to make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, and procedures that deny equal access to individuals with disabilities, unless a fundamental alteration in the program would result.

Safety requirements that are necessary for the safe operation of the program in question, such as requirements for eligibility for drivers' licenses, may be imposed if they are based on actual risks and not on mere speculation, stereotypes, or generalizations about individuals with disabilities.

When there’s a case of real hardship, however (a business that could suffer seriously as a result of the expense of compliance), or when an entity is simply resistant, and the complainant and the entity can’t come to some agreement, the case has to go to court before anything happens.At the time, no statutes formed the basis for this argument.In the Guibord case in 1874, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, at that time the court of last resort for Canada within the British Empire, ruled that the civil courts of Canada have the jurisdiction to resolve disputes between members of a church and the church organization. T., Stuttering and employment: A survey report, Annual Convention of ASHA, Boston, MA (1997). One woman was even denied a job as a typist in a typing pool - on the grounds that employees were expected to take turns answering the telephone when the receptionist was on her lunch break. Weather Service because his supervisor incorrectly assumed, on the basis of his stuttering, that he lacked the ability "to make rapid fire judgments, think quickly and demonstrate leadership ability." The occurrence and impact of discrimination may vary from person to person depending on a variety of factors - such as the severity of stuttering, the kind of work, and the marketability of the individual's other skills. However, the Court did not hold that stuttering could not qualify as a disability under the ADA. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania specifically recognized that severe stuttering qualifies as a disability under the ADA, entitling the plaintiff to a reasonable accommodation. In the Sutton case, the Supreme Court ignored the EEOC's broad definition of disability, holding that the agency lacked authority to define the term. After the letter is issued, the complainant then has 90 days in which to file a lawsuit against the employer in a U. B., The impact of stuttering on employment opportunities and job performance, J. I've heard from PWS who were denied jobs (or even interviews), on grounds that the job required "excellent oral communications skills." Often this was simply because the job occasionally involved answering the telephone or speaking to people. The complainant can also request a "right to sue" letter from the EEOC 180 days after the charge was filed. The burden then shifts to the employer to articulate a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason for its employment action.

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It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.